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So I was at the store. I saw a few 7800 titles. I thought to myself "Hey, I have a 7800. Maybe I should get them." So I did. I came home, looked in the garage for my 7800. Finally found it. As it turned out, I already had the three carts I bought. Oh well. But on the upside I do have a working Atari 7800. The power button is a bit sticky though. On the downside, I don't have a 7800 controller for it. So I'm looking for one. Right now I'm using a 2600 controller, but I want to have an official 7800 one. I have 16 Atari 7800 games, and 12 unique ones (I apparently also bought Joust at one point thinking I didn't have it.)

I programmed the casino game for the Virtual Boy today as well. I added a feature for the three games where you can bet more than one dollar. The three games I've programmed so far for the casino game are roulette, blackjack and slot machine. I'm not sure whether I will add another one since the only other one I know how to play is Video Poker, and that would be horribly hard for me to do and I honestly think it's so complex I couldn't.

Do I keep the 7800 in here and put the 2600 I have back in the garage? Or does it stay in here and I play it even though I already have a 7800? Choices, choices...

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