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I seem to be in the minority, but after picking it up a few years back this has became one on my favorite games.(I do hate the Rooster Ranch bonus tho) IDK, think I just really appreciate the quirkiness of it & I've always loved light gun games...this isn't one obviously, but still in the same vein..and also has some similarities to Missile Command's gameplay, which is my #1 2600 title


Anyways, pretty upsetting to just go through the high score challenge forums here & see if I woulda participated, looks like I would have won lol( by a mere 600 points though!) I don't know why I never really read those, but would like to join in a game someday. I took this pic in like 2015, was just keeping personal records for a few games I was playing at the time. Will another one for Crack'ed ever come around anytime remotely soon? & if not , would any of u possibly be down to have a little competion now? (If that's allowed, if not my apologies) I've been on a 7800 kick again recently, starting to get back into this one, but it would be alot more fun & motivating to have ppl's scores to compete with





(^sorry, kinda confusing how to add pics to a post on here, it wont let me use imgur as a link to image, get a "do not allow that extension" message, adding the jpg as an attachment does nothing either)


I recently learned this was an Atari ST game as well, very interesting to me to see the differences..thought I'd post clip here for those who might have not seen this.



The graphics seem a bit more detailed, in fact I always thought one of the creatures in the sewer level was another owl, and thought it turning into a toilet was just related to the level..until I watched the ST footage ^ I was like wait a minute, nooo this is a living ball of poop. Then I read the 7800 manual where the enemy is listed as a "dungeling" Ahhhhh it all makes sense! hahaha

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