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Atari and Activision Custom Action Figures


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Neat idea, but a bit generic in execution IMO (in the sense that even Atari fans might have no idea what they were specifically without an explanation.


I wouldn't mind seeing someone try 'pixel art' figurines (similar to those "8-bit Mario/Link Nintendo figures) of Atari game icons, as screen-accurate as possible within the medium.


Who wouldn't like a blocky li'l desk figure of an Atari Space Invader, or Pitfall Harry, or a Yar, or one of the dragons from 'Adventure'? :grin:

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They are repainted G.I. Joe figures, done a couple of years ago. There's an older thread on here somewhere.


The Pitfall cartoon was part of the Saturday Supercade with Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Q*Bert, Space Ace and some others I can't remember now.

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