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Alphabetical or numerical folders Order Harmony


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Dear Forum,


My new Harmony cartridge works fine. I have only an issue with the alphabetical or numerical order of the folders. I tried to start with folder 01. A (PAL), 02. B (PAL) and so on. Harmony unfortunately doesn't keep the order. Any advice how to keep it in order? Many thanks.

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Drive sort will renumerate the file index, but you have to do it for each folder. Generally I divide a no intro romset into letters with <250 files per page. I do all the organising on my pc hard drive, then I copy the whole thing into the sd root directory and a clean index is produced on the sd as windows copies the files by alphabet. Then I have a special folder for homebrews, hacks, etc and generally add files as I go. So if the file list gets too chaotic, I resort my homebrew folder periodically as I add new stuff. Same treatment to my powerpak and everdrives...

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A work around is what I do. Essentially I organize everything on my PC, then copy & paste the whole kit and caboodle onto the SD card at once. The system saves everything, folders and all in alphabetical order.


Of course, there are limitations. This only works until you go to load another file or folder onto the SD card. the system will stick all new files/folders at the bottom of the directory. So to keep the alphabetical integrity, you need to delete everything on the SD card and copy & paste. A rather time-consuming activity when doing often and not very efficient. But honestly, I have so many roms on the SD card that I probably go through this exercise about once a year. So it's not so bad.

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