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Looking for keyboard controller test program for Mega

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Recently I got a Mega 1 in quite good condition, but without keyboard. I found it working, with TOS 1.x (probably 1.04) in ROM.
I started to look for keyboard/mouse solutions other than original keyboard (which in my conditions can be more expensive than computer) or PIC-based interface which requires quite rare variation of microcontroller. So I just quickly sketched a protocol converter in Arduino to connect an ordinary PS/2 keyboard and mouse as well as typical Atari-compatible joystick to Mega (used a ikbd specification available at Archive.org).
It initially runs quite good in TOS (used a text editor for keyboard and joystick/mouse tester from atari.8bitchip.info to verify), but there are other modes in IKbd which are probably bug-ridden in my code, especially that there are some things not clearly mentioned in specification.
So I am looking for ST programs to test the keyboard/mouse controller comprehensively - with all its parts like mouse relative/absolute/keycode, joystick in typical/monitoring/keycode modes, clock get/set etc.
Is there any such tool?


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