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4 Way joysticks compatible with 7800?


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Check edladdin.com I think he has one thats changeable from 8-way to 4-way.

Thanks, yea I know about that one...Sorry guess I shoulda mentioned, not looking to spend $100 + on a joystick right now..Was more wondering if there was ever one made for the 2600 or Sega systems that might be compatible

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^ Yes, but have you tried a regular 2600 style joystick (CX40) with those games? They're excellent really and easier to navigate that way vs. say, something like the Epyx 500 or a tall Wico stick.

I haven't had a working 2600 joystick in a long time..Just been using my 7800 Euro Controllers with everything..Believe I have one Pro-Line left in a box up in my closet..Now that I think of it maybe those might work a little better for Pac-Man games??


Either way I'd love to have a true 4 way joystick to really have precise controls. The Eladdin sticks are cool, but just too much to be spending on a controller at the moment

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What controller are you using now? I like the Mindscape Power Player joystick. It's 8-way but it has a short throw and I think works well for pac-man games. There is one joystick I'm aware of that is able to switch to 4-way. It's called the Kraft Mazemaster. I don't like it as well as the Power Player though.


Here's a couple good resources on joysticks:






Also are you are aware of the various pac-man plug & plays from Jakks Pacific? Most of these have 4-way joysticks and can be found cheap on eBay. I believe the Ms. Pac-Man version and the one shaped like Pac-Man have an 8-way joystick while the original Namco, Super Pac-Man, and the black Pac-Man have 4-way sticks.

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Pac-Man games just get frustrating they can't be controlled as precise as they were intended


Really hoping there's something out there so I can enjoy my Super Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man more, and one day the Baby-Pacman I just saw the post about


This may interest you- near the end I play some Jr Pac-Man and the accuracy is quite good.


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This may interest you- near the end I play some Jr Pac-Man and the accuracy is quite good.


Also, I did this with Atari 2600 CX22 stick and boot replacement parts off eBay, so it is an SMS Control Stick with a CX22 stick in place of the club. Basically, you use the screw the same way and the only difference is that you cut the top of the inner white plastic piece to length and screw the screw into the top remainder of the white plastic part. For some reason, these SMS Control Sticks act more 4-way than 8-way, although I can move diagonally if I'm very near the middle of two directions.






It was an improved version of the hackjob I did in the below thread, but the end result looks the same.




However, what I have found to be a weakness of the SMS Control Stick is the outer rubber tubing covering the cord wires seems to easily separate from the base where it comes in contact with the controller and you may have to super-glue it, probably only once, to re-attach it.

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