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So I have been working on my latest game for the Odyssey 2 I'm making called Even Number Man. Now I have a bunch of projects going on at once, along with Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland, My History Teacher Ate Lemons, and Castle of Doom. So anyway, I am looking at the website I made for it and am wondering how to NOT make it automatically switch to a new line when </h3> is used. Or is that even possible? If you look at the website, I want to have the "last updated" part on the same line as the link to the latest version.

Anyway, press up to make Even Number Man jump. Why? Because Action button will be shooting. The shooting will be like it was in the GoSub games: ENM will shoot in the direction he's facing. I had a hard time waking up today. I woke up at 1pm. But even then I didn't want to. But I figured I had to. So I feel like a zombie.

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