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Atari 7800 won’t load 7800 games


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Hi everyone. I have an Atari 7800 that I can play 2600 games on just fine, but 7800 games wont load at all. The BIOS screen doesnt even show, just a black screen. The pins in the cartridge slot look fine, so I dont think its that. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Is there a separate BIOS chip on the 7800s board that might be faulty? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Mike

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Or dirty pins in the cart connector. 7800 uses 8 extra connector pins that aren't used in 2600 mode. If the console can't detect the pins there or read the code correctly, it assumes 2600 mode by default. 7800 games however will not work in 2600 mode so you'd get blank screen.

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...who sells the replacement BIOS chip with Asteroids built in? Does the 7800 load up Asteroids like the Vectrex loads Mine Storm?...


Best Electronics. Yes, it loads Asteroids if no cartridge is detected, similar to the way a Vectrex would load Mine Storm.


The web page design is not great, but the hardware and service quality is top notch.


The appropriate section and item reference number are noted below:



Items Supplied with the Best 7800 OS Upgrade Modification:
-8 page Installation Instructions with 9 color photos
-New 7800 OS chip
-Jumper wire
-New 7800 28 pin OS I.C. Socket
-New Interface I.C.
-A New set of shorter 7800 Case screws.
Atari 7800 US Consoles OS Upgrade Kit CB102669 $17.95


Contact Info...

E-Mail: bestelec@concentric.net
Phone: 408-278-1070 (1:30 - 5 PM, PST*, M - F)
*Take note referenced hours are Pacific Standard Time.
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