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Can I buy voice rom chips anywhere?

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The GI chip used in the Voice! is the same that in the Intellivision. It was a common chip for voice synthesis.

On the other hand, it is most likely that the phonemes that were used in the Voice were ordered and made for the Voice (you can easily hear how better the Voice! sounds compared to the Intellivision). So you would need to have it custom made.

Now, I don't know enough to know if the voice synthesis and the ROM are separate units or not. If they are, and that your ROM chip is dead, you'll need to find a working chip to replicate it.

If it's a custom chip with voice synthesis and recorded phonemes together... I have no idea.

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Don't ask me why I was randomly watching two auctions for Intellivision chips, but neither sold and they've been relisted. Don't know if this is right or even what you had in mind, but at least it's reassuring to know that eBay will never let you down.






EDIT: I was a minute behind you with a link to things you don't want! But happy hunting, they're out there. :)

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