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Spy Hunter and breaking the pedal


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I had played the game Spy Hunter on a home computer but did play it once in the arcade. It probably may have been brought up in this forum but on a Spy Hunter arcade machine, it is actually possible to break the accelerator pedal on the machine to make your car go faster.


I heard someone in school tell me this and I actually got to try it out. Sometime in the early 1990s, we drove over to southern Virginia to a shopping mall there. The town was either Danville or Martinsville; I can't remember which. My brother and I were delighted to find an Aladdin's Castle video arcade there. It was inside that I found a Spy Hunter machine.


As I played it, I remembered the trick about breaking the accelerator pedal. Glancing around to make sure nobody was looking, I crouched down and dislodged the metal accelerator on the machine. Indeed, the car went faster but was much harder to control. During my playing, I got the feeling I was being watched. I glanced off to the side and saw two people looking at me. One was a shorter guy in glasses with an Aladdin's Castle t-shirt on; the other was a bigger guy wearing a muscle shirt and with big arms. Both were pointing at me and talking to each other. Suddenly, some sort of commotion broke out in another part of the arcade. The two men went to see what was going on. (I didn't know what it was myself.) I put that pedal back the way I found it and then calmly left the arcade. We never went back again.


Has anyone ever tried the trick of breaking the accelerator pedal on a Spy Hunter arcade machine? If you did, any trouble about it?

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