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loose wire and solder on mattel electronics games

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I opened up my Matel Football 2 and Funtroncis Red Light Green Light to see why the sound didn't work and in both games the wire and the solder meant to be connected to the center of the speaker has come loose. Can it be re soldered or do I have to tape the wires down?

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Those piezo discs had really rotten attachment, so it's a common problem for the wire to fall off. You can't solder it back on once it falls off, at least the point where it rips off. You can attempt to solder it to a new section that's silvered, but it will be really tough and it will probably fall off again. Fortunately those discs are replaceable with new ones that don't have this issue. Conductive epoxy might work pretty good vs. soldering, but I have not tried it.


The problem is the disc is brass, with a ceramic crystal on it, and the top of said crystal is metalized, and the metalization is silver usually. It is poorly attached and it will just fall off real easy, especially at the age those things are now.


Looks like they are all over ebay, in various sizes for cheap. Look for "piezo disc".

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