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Desert Island Cartridges - Atari 5200 version - YOUR 8


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I guess I am not the only one who came up with a "Desert Island" list, as it has been constantly used for favorite DVD/VHS movies and also for music (CD/LP/Cassette), so I am going to pose the same question to my fellow Atarians:


If you were stranded of a desert island and could only have 8 of your favorite 5200 cartridges (not including any multicarts) which ones would they be???


(I am also doing a similar thread on the Atari 2600 forum as well)


My answer for the 5200 carts:


Pac-Man (Atari), a perennial favorite of mine, despite the analog controllers

Tempest (AtariAge, as designed in 1984 and completed almost 30 years later by Keithen Hayenga), it's a very addicting game, BRAVO KEITHEN!!!

Missile Command (Atari), even with the analog stick, in which this game takes advantage of its analog capacities that she's playable and also, addictive.

Donkey Kong (8-bit 400/800/XL conversion), for the fact that since Coleco has been out of business for decades now we 5200 owners can FINALLY enjoy this hit

Berzerk (Atari), again, you CAN'T get enough trying to beat the game, especially when Evil Otto literally announces his presence (with built-in voice)

Beef Drop (Ken Siders, R.I.P.), another must have since we Atarians can finally have our own edition of Burgertime

Star Wars - The Arcade Game (Parker Brothers), loved the arcade version, got it for the 5200 and this game also suits well with the analog stick




Gorf (CBS Electronics), Once you get used to how corral the analog stick as it works free-flowingly, a great port, despite not having the Galaxian phase on it.




Now, you're probably wondering why I didn't mention any Trak-Ball-compatible games like Centipede/Millipede or others that use it.....


On THIS island there is only one 5200 controller (a CX52, preferably with the gold Best Electronics rebuild), one TV and 8 of your favorite games you just happened to bring along to kill the proverbial three-hour tour. Sorry Gilligan.





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Only one controller? Hmm. That rules out Space Dungeon right off the bat. And if I had to pick only one desert island 5200 game, that would probably be it.

No matter. I've still got:

1. Defender
2. Berzerk
3. Galaxian
4. Centipede (it's great even with the CX52)
5. Choplifter
6. Star Raiders
7. River Raid
8. Miner 2049er

Honorable mentions:
-Montezuma's Revenge
-Pitfall II
-Ms. Pac-Man
-Star Wars


-Wizard Of Wor

Gorf (CBS Electronics), Once you get used to how corral the analog stick as it works free-flowingly, a great port, despite not having the Galaxian phase on it.

Thank you for saying this. People keep trashing GORF because of its control, which renders your space ship essentially a stylized cursor, but once you wrap your head around that, it's a pretty good game IMO. I'm not sure I can say I like it more than my eight titles there, but I get a lot of mileage out of GORF when I have my 5200 hooked up.

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