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512 bytes demo competition


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Hello there!


From 20th to 22nd of July there will be the Nordlicht demoparty in Bremen, Germany. They established a quite interesting new competition for demos that are 512 bytes in size. There are also general rules that apply. But I think that's something that calls for entries done on the 2600. I plan to release something myself, but if there are more entries (something like 4-6), it might be nice to put them into in 4k ROM with a small menu. But that would be done most probably after the venue.


Keep in mind that we Germans use PAL systems, so if assembling all entries into one ROM is an option we need to stick to that. If you insist on submitting an entry that runs on NTSC only, please let me know, so that I can provide an NTSC system for the the orgas there. And for the ones that are so close to the hardware that they need to know: the PAL system that will be definitely there, is a Junior, the NTSC system that I will take the if needed is a light sixer, both modded with a composite output.


So let's make sure that the compo gets a significant share of VCS entries. ;)

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Everything you need to know about remote submissions (and submissions in general) should be found here: https://nordlicht.demoparty.info/competitions/


I'm no organizer there, but will be most likely to be the one to supply the hardware the demo is shown on. Stella will be used as a fallback. So if your coding for NTSC instead of PAL, it would be nice to know, as I would have to pack another machine.

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