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Physical boxes obsolete? The story of Assembloids2600


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I am sorry to hear that Assembloids hasnt done as well as you hoped. I think it is a fantastic game and we really enjoy the demo in my house. I think it is the best puzzle game on the Atari 2600. It is great fun to compete against each other for a high score and it has a unique and addictive quality about it. I will buy a copy as it is something that I think it will really endure. It is timeless fun and will always be great many years into the future if the Atari still works. I also noted positive reviews from the VideoGame Critic.

I am just collecting cartridges as some of my original boxes werent in a great condition to begin with. My copy of Space Invaders was from the damaged items bin and had already been semi-crushed. I am making slow progress through what is a growing list of top quality homebrew games that I would love to own. My progress is slow as they are a little expensive once I include postage to Australia so I plan to get a couple at a time. The homebrew games are absolutely worth it though and such good quality!! They are great for birthdays, Christmases or just a treat every now and then. I have Pacman 4K and Chetiry so far and need to add Space Rocks, Medieval Mayhem and Assembloids amongst others. I am really pleased with my purchases and they take pride of place, getting a lot of interest from others.

I hope the sales pick up and your game gets the love it fully deserves.

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It is a shame, it's an awesome game that we play regularly on our Twitch stream. We played it last night again and we each beat our high scores, I even got the toys to cycle back to the first one. Such a great game :) Here's us playing it yet again for those that are interested:



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I bought assembloids about a month or more ago and have been playing it a fair amount for the last week and a half. My wife liked playing it (she doesn't really play video games.) I got a new high score for myself tonight. 9730 on the default level. No idea if that is any good or not. To give you an idea, I bought my first 4 homebrews, played 3 out of 4 of them so far, with probably 90% of my homebrew playing time on assembloids. I also bought all four of the homebrews without the box. Being able to purchase it without the box was probably the deciding factor for me.

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