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Anyone want my 5200?


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Have a 4-port that won't completely boot, 2 standard controllers, TrakBall, RF switch, power supply, and 3 carts. PacMan, Space Invaders, and Centipede. All three have their overlays.


There is an original box, but it has a rectangular cut-out piece in it (was there a contest / coupon on the boxes??!?!?), but if I have to ship it I'd rather pack things better than they fit in there.


Let me know; I paid $10 at a garage sale for it, and don't have time to troubleshoot it.

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Sorry for not being around, fellas - been working odd hours, and now I need to jam to Vega$ - Mom's not telling me she likely has cancer, and it's time to kick her ass just in case she doesn't...


ALl 3 games splash, then it freezes up and don't load.

Someone had it apart before I did

I swapped RAM chip locations and re-seated everything else.

BRoke my DMM, so didn't measure supply voltages (sorry).

YEs, it has the cover, 2 controllers, trak-ball etc.


I am in SoCal about 30minutes South of Disneyland.



I leave for Vega$ in 30 minutes.

If someone wants to meet there, I can stuff it in the Jeep and drag it along for the ride.



Gotta catch up on PM's though, I think I have a couple messages.


Price? Make an offer - it's more important it goes to good vs. the scrap heap!

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