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Secretum Labyrinth Xenogenesis for Atari 5200


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First off, thanks for all the kind words and support for our other up and coming Atari 5200 game releases.


I need to add that this game was designed and programmed by Peter, who does such an excellent job.


The only contribution that I made was the scrolls, which I had entered in the Atari 8-bit computer version of the game, "Secretum Labyrinth: The Legend."


Artisan21 was the graphic artist, who always does a good job, and Kamakazi was a big help with helping us understand how to program for the 5200 game controllers.


Thanks for watching!




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The reason why I did the "Adventure RPG" engine for the Atari 8-bit because there seemed to be a lack of games like Zelda, or even something the 2600 Adventure ported to the 8-bit. After porting Venture to the 8-bit, I realized I had a method of moving multiple enemies on the screen at once, so I discussed it with others in my group. One hated the ideal, Video 61 said go for it because little had been done. Also little had been done with the Role Playing Game on the 8-bit or 5200, so I added some RPG elements like Experience Points, Skill Levels, Hit Points, stuff you need to build up a character. I started with something that can do a room by room adventure type game, so how compact I can make as it would be needing to be squeezed into limited memory space.


Work is progressing with porting the 5200 games, and this week when we started testing it on real hardware, we discovered there is an issue that is not so obvious with developing the game with the emulators. The keypad/keypad/controller input does not behave the same as real hardware. The timing is not exactly the same, and a delay had to be added before the start button could be read again after starting the game, or else if someone hold down start slightly too long, it will loop back to the title screen. On the PC with keyboard it has its own delay coming from the PCs operating system (Windows.) and the emulator will read it as if it was quickly pressed and released.


Secretum Labyrinth Kings Gold has been available for the 8-bit for a few years now. You can check it out at anytime. Xenogenesis has a whole new map and some hidden additions. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/231275-secretum-labyrinth-kings-gold/page-6?hl=%2Bsecretum+%2Blabyrinth+%2Bkings+%2Bgold&do=findComment&comment=3994804


Secretum Labyrinth The Legend is available on cartridge for the 8-bit right now. Secretum Labyrinth Dark Castles is currently in development.

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