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What happened to "The Annotated Adventure" by Warren Robinett?


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I've been keeping any eye out for this for a few years now but it seems like it's never going to emerge. I've been looking for any hint as to what might be holding it up, or worse, killed it, but I haven't found anything. I even tried emailing a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if it's ever going to happen?

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Finally got an update from the man himself in this Reddit Ready Player One thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/readyplayerone/comments/8of906/warren_robinett_answered_your_questions/


Three years ago I began work on a book about the design of Adventure. Books take a long time, it turns out. It has turned into two books now -- one book about the technical story, and one book about the political story. The titles are The Annotated Adventure (tech story) and Making the Dragon (political story).

I have complete manuscripts for both books, but neither book is ready. It turns out that real writers make quite a few revision passes over their books before they let go of them. This is actually necessary.

I'm hoping to release them before too long, but I can't tell you the exact definition of "before too long".



Before too long cannot come soon enough :)

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Has anyone by chance heard from Warren recently? When I heard about Annotated Adventure, I was excited to get it. But his website entry about it hasn't been updated in a long time....as of 4 years ago it was finished but going through revisions. 


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Thanks for the info Mick.

I have been waiting and waiting for this also.

It’s like waiting for the Concerto bugs to be squashed and released. Well, that is now a reality and patience is going to paying off there soon for a lot of people.

Excited for Warren to finish the book it will happen in due time.

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On 12/6/2020 at 5:51 PM, mickmuze said:

I wrote to Warren a few weeks ago. He did write back and said he is still working away at the book. Said books take a lot longer to write than games did.

Depends on the game. :-D


I'm also still interested in this book, and I appreciate you inquiring about it.

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