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TIM v9958 video upgrade for the TI-99/4A


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1 hour ago, Gary from OPA said:

ok i see it now. -- the only reason the TI99 needs the SOB is because the console grom 0 for some silly reason setups the TMS9918 registers wrong by setting unused bits to the opposite default value that listed in the original specs, it of course does nothing on a tms9918/28/29 chip, but when the v9938 or 58 chip is there having the unused bits set, causes all sort of problems.


As for ADAM I originally made the hardware compatible, but the job in making the OS compatible was for Dale Wick which was active programmer at the time for the local Toronto MTAG users group, so I installed a AIM as it was called in his machine, and waited for the programming to be done, he did some tests and had a bunch of stuff written and apps working, but sadly never released it, he got too busy with young family and his university schooling, and dropped interest.


I did a few years ago, make contact with him and he was looking at picking it back up again, and more recently I was looking at buying a complete Adam machine from someone that had stored one away in perfect condition but i never heard back from the grandson that was selling it from his grandmother collection, most likely he discovered the true value of boxed system and quickly sold it on ebay for much more money.


Anyway, at some point I will look into getting some software done on the adam system, and I think some others have recently done similar work, but just like the ti99 world, most have moved onto using the f18a type devices in the adam instead.

Yeah, I've talked to Dale about it a couple times in the past, sounds like he made it a bit farther than I did maybe. I ended up selling off the TIM/AIM with some of my more valuable parts of my collection at the time to help fund the purchase of stuff for my then-first time homebuyer house. I ended up reconstituting most of my collection except for the TIM board.

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