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Piko Interactive "collection bundle" at SAG for flash carts

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Just noticed that at SAG if you buy one of selected Everdrive carts you get a sweet bundle of Piko games:

















I think it's cool, my question is, is there any way to buy the digital packs at a reasonable price outside of the bundle?

Reasonable I mean something like say 10US$ for the same bundles maybe? Given they seem "free" with the flash cart [same price as on Krikzz website + games]

I went to Piko store and there's no such a way to buy the digital bundles.



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I don't want them for free, it's not that I bought my flashcarts this year or last so I don't expect "existing owners credit".

But if the price for the bundle was reasonable I would pick some up .... given the flashcart price has not gone up with the bundle I doubt Piko gets much out of it so any other money that may go his way would be welcome I think ... no?


EDIT: sent a PM to Eli here on the forums, let's see if we're going to have a way to purchase the bundles.

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Hey Guys,


Those bundles are handled and distributed by Stone Age Gamer in relation to flashcarts.


If you want them just to have the roms for PC etc, the only other solution that I would recommend is the steam ones. But we are releasing slowly.

I do want them for flashcarts too, and I am not interested in having a Steam account and buying each of them individually especially not at 4/6US$ each:



Maybe allow SAG to sell them in bundle (so I can use Paypal + anonymous login) or maybe allow Albert here on AA to sell them in digital form if you have no time to add them to your Piko store site?


.... guess I'll wait on these.

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What's to understand he's in business. Giving the games away in that fashion he would need some kind of compensation from whoever may peddle them on his behave, a licensing deal perhaps, the other would be like a humble bundle charity donation. Just because we could get a pack of 5 games for $10, if he sells them for $5 each there's a considerable loss there and he had to pay something to either buy the games or the license to peddle them. You can't expect a deal if the deal makes the supplier go broke on that product.

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One or two sales at $10 a bundle probably isn't worth the paperwork. Now, if a couple thousand people offered to PayPal in such a purchase, it would probably make more sense.


A marketplace like Steam relieves the company of having to handle the transaction issues themselves.

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