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NEW homebrew by Rafael Cardoso: LASER BLITZ


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A absolute amazing new game. There we could see, what is possible at Odyssey2/Videopac.


And more great games are in the pipeline for 2018 from Videopac Belgium.


See here: http://videopac.fr



Pictures: Odyssey2 cover, Screenshot Odyssey2/Videopac G7000 and Screenshot Videopac+ G7400




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LASER BLITZ is for sale 29 euros (without case): The cartridge, the manual & the indexcard.

Shipping to USA is 9 euros untracked or 14 euros tracked.


Thanks! So I guess the ROM is not available for sale? I think I can figure this out over at videopac.nl, but who do I contact to purchase? Just email videopac.is@live.be?


Also, has there been any review written of the game? I've watched the video, I would just like to know more about the scoring and how the difficulty increases - just basics.

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This looks great! How does the O2 'scene' work typically? Do ROMS ever get released or sold?


I've never seen Odyssey ROMs for sale, but I'd love to be able to purchase them this way. I just don't have the space or money to buy all the great homebrews that come out, but I'd like to play them all and support the programmers that create these games. I'm sure there's a concern about piracy and/or devaluation of the games, but maybe waiting to release the ROMS for a period of time (like 1 or 5 years) would help mitigate those fears?

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