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Colecovision A/V mod kit


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Pretty sure you can still shoot Yurkie a PM asking for them? Although I don't use or like the TRRS jack myself and used his board but wired actual RCAs to it instead.


Also you can get a similar AV mod board from here:




There is also one available from Coolretroprojects.com. That is the guy in Turkey, but it does take quite a while to receive them. Last time I ordered some AV boards it took well over a month.

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Thanks for the reply.


I did message him yesterday by no response yet. The retrofix one is sold out. I like the looks of that one...looks fairly simple to install. Was looking at the one on eBay from NY but cant find any instructions on it.


Why dont you like the 3.5 mm one?

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O ok...makes sense.


But what about the board from NY seller on eBay? Could I use the installation instructions from the retrofix for that one? Or even the one from the Florida seller? I've been looking for 2-3 days now and don't see anything on those. I did see the one from Turkey but don't really want to wait a month.

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