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3D Printed TI Logo


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So I really liked Omega's TI Logo he has hanging on the wall in his videos. So, I thought I'd try to 3D print something close and see if I could make it look metallic.


The closest thing I could find was this coin on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:873348


So, I sized it up to the full size of my printer's print bed. While it's not nearly as slick looking, I printed it in PLA and picked up a cheap can of silver metallic spray paint from Dollar General. and here are the results (ignore the fingerprints LOL, I'll add another coat) :





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Cool. Can you shoot it beside something familiar so we can get context of the size?


If you'd like something custom (perhaps you're thinking for your youtube channel), I'd be happy to whip something up for you so you can print yourself...




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Hi Thomas,


I was indeed thinking of something for the intro to any future TI 99/4a videos :) I could always use the green screen as well for that and I probably should make better use of it for video's such as the TIPI Video. But it would be cool to incorporate a sharp looking TI Logo. I definitely don't want to distract you from the work you're doing on the TIPI case designs! But if you ever decide to make a cool logo for 3D printing my print bed is 225 x 145 mm (I use a FlashForge Creator Pro) and of course I would GREATLY Appreciate it!


Below is a US Penny and an Amazon Fire TV Remote for comparisons.





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  • 5 years later...
37 minutes ago, TheMole said:


You could make a portmanteau of "TI" and "Bitcoin"... *cough*...



I'll see myself out...

TIcoin.  Seems reasonable enough.

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2 hours ago, TheBF said:

Since I know you are a gentlemen from the fine city of Talahassee, I assume, 

I say, I assume you mean  "TIDBITCOIN" son ?

Well, you know the song: "Tidbits and Beer."

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On 5/20/2024 at 8:26 AM, tater1337 said:


We may do well with our threadcromancy around here, but nothing like the 10 year-old or more threads over in the Marketplace.

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