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Boolean operator syntax error


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Hello Guys,


I have been using the following without issue:-

if x= 49 || x=57 then a=26

But if I use the following, I get a Syntax error:-

if x= c-2 || x=c+2 then a=26

I guessing I'm missing something really obvious here, but what have I done wrong. I have checked out http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#boolean, and from what I can see, what I'm doing is good. For what I'm trying to do, it is important that the x value is compared against the result of the c value.


The weird thing is that the following compiles without issue:-

if x=c+1 then a=14

Is the problem that I'm doing x=c-2 followed by the boolean or?

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Thanks for the response Osgeld. Spaces is not the issue:-

if x = c - 5 || x = c + 5 then a=28

The above still fails to compile. I also tried:-

if x = (c - 5) || x = (c + 5) then a = 28

But still no cigar. Any further ideas?

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Thanks guys. Digging into the RT bBatari docs some more, I can see that OR (||) has more restrictions on it that AND (&&). Case in point:-

if player0x = c + 5 && player0y = d + 5 then a=30

The above compiles fine. Now, just swap the operator from AND to OR:-

if player0x = c + 5 || player0y = d + 5 then a=30

The above does not compile. Looks like there are stricter restrictions on OR, compared to AND. Still trying stuff.

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