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My package came today. And I know why it went to California first instead of here. The guy put a cross inside the 7. the upper part of the seven was bended down a little, so it looked like a 4. So some dumb postal worker who didn't know that Europeans write sevens with crosses assumed it was a 4 and it went to California. So it wasn't the seller's fault at all, except for the fact that he should write his sevens better.

So I put in the cart and it didn't work. So I took it out and put it back in again and turned it on. It worked. And so did all the subsequent times I tested it. So I think I now have all the Pokemon Mini cartridges except the "expensive two": Pichu Bros. and Togepi's Great Adventure.

I'm just glad that the mystery was solved, the package was (eventually) delivered, and it works.

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