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Disk System - Not Loading


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Hi, although this is my first post, I am definitely not new here. I've poked around this site for years, now. With that said, I recently picked up a Famicom w/ Disk System for 40 dollars, sold as untested. While the Famicom, itself, does work, The Disk System is as I expected. The belt was destroyed. I cleaned that up and replaced it with a new belt. Now it works, but a new problem appears.


This video explains the problem.




If you have any ideas, please let me know, that would be nice. Thanks.


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I assume you cleaned the read heads when you replaced out the belt? Because it appears to not be able to read the disks and that is why it keeps seeking back and forth. Could also be the disks as well, but you would need another Fami disk system that is known working to test them with to be sure.

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Did both. Cleaned head, replaced belt.


Edit: I do not think the disks are bad. They were practically new old stock when I got them. Some still sealed with the Disk-kun mascot sticker intact.

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