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large scaled objects near the top of the screen...

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... all fine and dandy until it gets there then seeya - gone - off into the upper atmosphere never to be seen again (well, not true, shortly afterwards it appears at the bottom).


So what's going on? Is it a Jaguar bug, a Raptor issue? Or has the doge got to readjust the tie once again?

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I was about to make a post but maybe this falls in line sort of with what I'm wanting to do - start an image off the screen in the negative from top to middle. Obviously it doesn't work which is why I'm here - ends up a garbled mess coming down like a bad Nintendo game. Going from bottom to top works just fine however.


Is there a way around this outside of just not doing it? I was hoping for a cinematic top and bottom blank fill-in of sorts from the title screen and forward used as an opening/closing pod bay door effect on the cheap as a transition.

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I am sure CJ will have the correct definitive answer.. but my quick and dirty hack brain has a possible work around too :D


I assume the top image is like you say a screen filling bay door type thing? If so you could point the OP at the last line of the image and set the height as 1 pixel. (Position the image at the top of the screen). on the next frame, set the start of the image as being 2 lines from the bottom and the height to 2.


This way the image will "grow" down the screen, no need to use negative values.


But I am sure there is a less hacky way to do it too :)

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If the blanks are solid colour (well they don't have to be and it's 50px (for example), set it at ypos=0 and height=0 and then just height+1 each frame until it fills the top 50px.


This would look wierd with an image (like it's unrolling) unless you want that. But solid colour, you won't tell.


For the bottom one, you can set it 50 px from the bottom and do the same

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