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curved lines?


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Some 16x9 widescreen LCD's stretch modes will exaggerate the horizontal stetch of a 4:3 source picture more closer to the sides. It makes 'talking heads' in the middle look normal somewhat compared to the normal even stretch.

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Things usually end up in the dump for good reason...


but nice find - weird that there's no pincushion effect on the edges - it's like there's horizontal consistency but the scanlines have variable spacing depending on where on the screen they are.

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Yes indeed and a guy who sold / ran a store you can imagine just how creative the little (and older) blighters were with their typing...Shy, they were not!!


On a sweeter note, I saw Tron in Canada back in the day and the next day we went to a big mall in Toronto and walked around the shops, in almost all the computer shops someone had typed "ACCESS PROJECT CLU" on the Vic20's etc :)


Made me smile so much then and even now..

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Yes, no self test on the older machines, you got Memo Pad instead...a simply useless item if ever there was one :)


(waiting for someone to extol the virtues of it now) :)

oh okay... um sure...


It was used instead of a note on the fridge... the note on the fridge was never seen, but the note on the computer was 'always' seen..



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