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Atari Retaining Ring?


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So here's what happened:


I bought an Atari 2600 joystick. It worked fine, but there was a rattle inside. Open it up, nothing in the main chassis. Then I realise the boot is the part that's making the rattling noise. I take out the plastic stick, and out falls four pieces of what looks like a black plastic ring. From what I researched, this is probably the retaining ring. However, after reassembling the controller, it still works, and it works better than it did before!


If what I did was wrong, let me know.

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Welcome to AtariAge!


The retaining ring (which holds the rubber boot in place) snaps in place on the outside of the CX-40 joystick, so it would seem odd that pieces of it would end up on the inside. The center hole in the top of the joystick—the one the handle is inserted through—has a thin raised "lip" around it, underneath the rubber boot and retaining ring, and I suspect that this broke off due to age or use, or both. I've had the same thing happen with several of my joysticks, but I haven't noticed any adverse affects; in fact, I've noticed that some joysticks—perhaps later revisions—omitted this "lip" entirely.

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