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I discounted it right off as the PS3 iced it early physically, and the PS2 had issues with some PS1 games, some notable too. I agree entirely BC is a cop out to jump to another as a catch all, which is why I stood on the original system as being the big one. Sure the graphics are rougher as it was first gen console 3D going on there but what there was game wise was pretty damn nice, better than PS2 had going with it in many cases. A few things got better with more ability like the GTA1-2 jump to full 3D with 3, but that's fewer and farther between.

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I've considered the PS1 to be my favorite gaming system of all time, and I will always remember it with fond memories. However, it's strange to think that I might switch my opinion over to the PS4. The sheer number of amazing games that have been coming to the system in the past few years has been incredible.

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