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Ti basic game Meteor on New York


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I remember this ti basic game (italian instruction version) when I was a kid.

Yesterday I thinked: why it's not charged on ti game shelf?

I found dsk but...source is damaged!

Then I repair source...

Your mission is defende New York city from meteor storm.

Use key 1 for left missile, key 0 for right missile and 2 for shield.

Beware, You can only fire one missile at a time and the shield does not always work.

For dramatic effect, If you can try it on real hardware on white/black tv, and turn

up the volume to feel the thrill of buildings that explode while you are powerless.

TI-Metor Ita.dsk

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Thanks for that upload. I've started a "TIBASIC" directory on my TIPI because it looks like we are starting to get some decent stuff in that genre uploaded lately. For TI BASIC it looks pretty good. I had no luck shooting down a single missile yet, or even when directly hitting it with the laser, but I'm outta time this morning, gotta go. I'll try again this evening.

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just to complete infos that i have on this game, It is a nice 1983 game, originally in English from Terry Irwin.

Has been translated from the italian Francomputer Club that usually used to translate titles from English to Italian and sell it to the subscribed enthusiasts.
(the other pirate Sucasoft also distribuited this game into a tape as Meteor+allKill but was just the same version translated by Francomputer with names deleted in the code :) )

here the original files versions i collected in my DB.

It is also into the GameBase named Meteor (3)



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Hi, speaking of lovely TI stuff, I consider one of the rarest TI games on cassette, to be "Mission-99" by Titan Games. It was a bomber game but with added elements such as Surface to Air missiles that fired at you among other things. It's been featured in adverts in UK magazines around 1982 but I've never seen a digital file of it yet. That is the only game Titan made for the TI99. They were more into the Spectrum I think.

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