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Any new 7800 shooters in development?


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I am a graphics guy/designer wanting to work on a 7800 project - so I'm asking if anyone wants my input or not?


I want to see something that betters Plutos/Sirius in what it puts out on screen. But I doubt if there's a programmer out there, who want to spend up to 3 years? to complete such an ambitious project - but it should answer the question - what is the 7800 capable of?


Of course something else could be worked on instead - that is somewhat scaled down. I'm not interested in some early 80s' type game - but something more like mid-80s? Flying Shark or whatever....? Or an updated Galaga?

I want to see animation everywhere - even animated lasers or whatever...


I will work on other projects - in which I can be of assistance? Shooters are easily done for the type of work I do. I also like to see a really fun platform game - along the lines of Miner 2049'er or Wonder Boy?




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I'm no programmer - but my guess is that a high level language environment is not ideal for shooters - that it needs to be programmed in assembler as such. I'm hopeful that one day I can work on a 7800 shooter with lots of crazy stuff happening at almost the same time.... And certainly see - what can this 7800 hardware really do?



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Despite the name 7800BASIC isn't too far removed from the hardware. Each command translates to only a handful of lines of assembly, and because it gives you the assembly when you compile you can always write parts in BASIC then go back and see if anything needs optimising.

If you wanted scrolling backgrounds it would definitely be easier to make a horizontal shooter though.


Simply put, just give it a go and you'll be surprised at the results. You have a whole community here that can help you if you get stuck with anything.

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