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Did a little more on Alf.


Remember ALF? He’s back! In VCS form!
You are ALF (aka Alien Life Form), you have crash-landed in a suburban garage on Earth. Your spaceship is beyond repair, you are ugly, short, and have a bad attitude. What's an alien to do?






Luckily this place is well stocked with cats. Cats are small carnivorous mammals native to planets Earth and Melmac and highly prized as a delicacy on your home planet. Collect the cats while you wait to be rescued.


Beware the government agents, they want to slice you up and and see what makes you tick.

The cats of Earth are no secret and others are after this abundant resource. Watch out for Evil Alf, Darth Coherent. He may just try to shake things up a bit.


BIN: Alf Neo b.bin

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