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Mac Mini G4 Yellowing/Overclocking


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I bought a Mac Mini G4 1.25GHZ on eBay, it's in the mail as I type this so I don't have it to hand at the moment, and in the photograph, the top of the case is yellowed like the yellowing you see on beige box computers from back in the 80s and SNES consoles from the 90s, etc. I'm wondering whether or not this is the same process, and if it is, would retrobrite treatment work to restore the white color; can retrobrite even be done on the white part of the top of the Mac Mini case without messing up the rest of the case?

Secondly, how difficult is it to overclock the Mini G4 and how stable is it at the various clock speeds(1.5GHZ being the obvious choice)? If I proceed with doing the OC, is there anything I should be concerned about? I've done soldering on an Xbox 360(glitch chip, JTAG) so the size of the resistors and the simplicity of the soldering doesn't really intimidate me, but obviously I don't want to break something if it's extremely sensitive.

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That's certainly how it seems and doesn't surprise me in the least. My primary intent is to use the mini to run the hacked OS 9 installer and use it as an OS 9 machine primarily, but I may dual boot some variant of OS X and/or Linux/MorphOS to mess with from time to time so if it's really as simple as removing the four resistors, I may well give it a shot.

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Just got the Mini in today. It chimes, shows the Apple logo, and then shuts itself down whereupon I can't turn it back on until I unplug the cord that goes from the power brick to the wall for several seconds. Is this a common thing that is easily fixed or have I just purchased a dud machine? I just tried the PRAM reset (cmd+opt+P+R) and it seemed to linger on the apple logo screen a bit longer but still shut itself down.


*edit: It took a few tries of resetting the PMU, but I was able to log into the install of Tiger that came on the hard drive. It's been running for a couple of minutes, but I would really like to figure out if that was an isolated incident and whether this machine is going to operate reliably or not. I guess I should find a temperature monitor for 10.4 and see how hot it's running.


*edit 2: Was idling okay, but when I popped in a DVD movie to play, it didn't even make it to the main menu screen before the system shut itself down. I wonder if the system is overheating possibly? Maybe the fan is malfunctioning? Should I be able to feel wind blowing out from the rear vents(I can't really tell)?

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