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Scramble (5200)


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This game is sweet on the 5200. Played it with the regular 5200 controller and it does a great job. Haven't tried it with my Masterplay clone yet. As soon as it is available in the store I'm hitting the buy button. 


Really wish the 5200 would get more love. 

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On 7/30/2018 at 4:07 PM, playsoft said:

This is my attempt at Scramble on the 5200.


Press a trigger or start and you'll see the options screen.


Press the numeric key of the option to step through the different settings.


1. Difficulty - select between Normal and Easy.


2. Tunnels - select between Wide and Normal.


By default Wide is selected which makes the tunnel section possible with the 5200 non-centering joystick.


If you play with a digital (or centering) joystick then you should select Normal tunnels.


3. Ship size - (usually...) selects between Normal and Small.


4. Rockets - select between Normal and Fast.


5. Autofire - select between Off, Fast and Slow.


6. Trigger 1 - select between Missiles and Both.


This allows you to play with a single button joystick. If you select both then the (main) trigger will both fire a missile and drop a bomb.


7. Lives - select between 3, 4 and 5.


8. Scroll - select between Normal and Fast.


Thanks to kiwilove for his help with the graphics.


Also to PacManPlus for making the level data available and to CyranoJ for explaining it!


scramble.bin 32 kB · 1,112 downloads

Late to the party but your work is incredible.  

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