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Totally random (and cool) Shantae Blaster Master update!


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Where does one get a physical copy? And is it economically sensible to do so?



I picked up mine at Best Buy:




It is a collector box with a cd soundtrack and artbook. Pretty nice package. I have the defunct gamers club so my cost was $31.99, but it is $39.99 normally.

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I really should give Shantae another try. I've only really meddled with the GBC one and then the sequel that was like on GoG/Steam. The play was fine, but I found myself going in circles almost lost trying to figure out what to do and where, got bored and just would turn it off. The play style, art, audio are solid but something just felt lacking, but that could just be the earlier titles and they've changed.

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I haven't even unsealed my boxed copy yet. (Haven't had much energy for a lot of gaming this summer due to the heat.) Looks like when I finally get around to it there will be much updating to expect. Haven't plugged my switch into the dock this year since it looks like I have one of those non-charging L-controllers. :/

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