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On 7/20/2022 at 11:26 AM, Austin said:

Looks like Raiden IV Overkill is going to be delisted from Steam in six days. Best get it while you still can (it's uncertain if it will eventually be replaced with the more recent Mikado Mix version that's available on other systems) - https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/323460/view/3379406222746913127

I wonder if it will stay on GOG. I tried looking into it but came up empty.

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1 hour ago, Leonard Smith said:

You can add Forza Motorsport 7 (and all previous non-Horizon entries) to the delisted bucket.

It's not possible buy the game, which is mind-boggling considering that FM8 isn't due out anytime soon. 
Horizon is ok, but not the same type of experience.

Happily, Turn 10/Playground Games do the classy thing and publicize upcoming delistings, so I doubt very few people missed out that had planned to buy it digitally. And at least it's still easily available thanks to the game's retail release. It's the silent delistings that I find distasteful.


Four years has been the norm for Forza's licenses so even without advance warning, it was fully expected when it disappeared last fall. I doubt they expected Forza Motorsport 8 to take as long as it has to develop (slated for 2023, I believe), or they'd of probably negotiated longer terms for the myriad of licenses in the game.


I'm sure Forza Horizon 4 will be joining it later this year when the 4th anniversary of its release rolls around (Reminds me that I need to buy the DLC while I still can). The only exception so far for some strange reason was the Xbox 360 iteration of Forza Horizon 2. It remained available until this last spring, well over three and a half years after the XB1 version got delisted at the usual four year mark.


As hard as it is to believe, I suspect that one's long life on the Xbox 360 marketplace was simply an oversight on Microsoft's part and evidence of how little attention they've been paying to the 360 side of things for a long time now. When Forza Horizon 1 accidentally was relisted for about 24 hours this spring, Forza Horizon 2 disappeared alongside it when Microsoft caught their mistake. 

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