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Dear COD community:Burn in hell


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i Seriously don't get all the hate. Now, i've played MW1 2 and 3 to death, collected all the intel and gotten bored after all that. Advanced Warfare was fun for a while,


but all you could really do was collect intel and replay missions. Infinite warfare opens with a firecracker bang, has no intel and never lets up. I literally felt like the


game was putting me in an adrenaline fueled stranglehold and would not let go. The Battlestar Galactica inspired space battles, the very first mission with fleet


week, it all looked, sounded and felt AMAZING, which leaves me confused as to why many people dislike the game or are adamant that people like me suck for


liking it. When the original game came out on PC in 2001, it was revolutionary. I can excuse Ghosts and even defend COD 3 but i cannot defend a rabid fanbase


that puts down others simply because they like a game that in the oppositions eyes is "Rushed".


It's really quite simple: The COD fan base is an overly toxic, unbearable mess of "fans" that argue, hurl bile at and at the same time, worship EA for making these


games. Now i'm not defending them, even i thought COD had stretched its limits with FInal Fronts on PS2. While i commend rebellion for trying to at the very least


make the rogue trooper engine work with the PS2, it wasn't possible. I have been a life long fan of COD and yet for me it is difficult to imagine going back to WWII.


Why would you want to go back to the Holocaust? why would you want to re visit Normandy? I understand that some people are praising the graphics these days,


but some things should be left alone. Back in the 90's, Shooters were innovative, fun. We all remember the awesomeness of Doom and the beauty of Unreal (in


fact, when i saw Unreal Gold, my jaw hit the floor, that was in 2005). Even the quake series was a smash. The anticipation to download one of the greatest


shooters in history:Doom, was at an all time high in 1993 (my DOB) and while i never played it growing up, i personally love it, even the reboot is awesome.


Wolfenstein 3D will never die, It may be a maze of corridors and nazis but it was a historic achievement. But i'm getting off track.


EA must die. To create a better generation of video games that are not tainted by Micro transactions or overpriced DLC, EA must be cut to pieces and it's head


stomped into mush. I can understand the fact that i will be flamed for saying this, but i grew up in a time when the word "FPS" meant Doom, Quake or


Wolfenstein. I remember being so excited to get home so i could play Medal of Honor for my PS1, that even though i lived in shit and a screwed up


neighborhood, that i could at least enjoy a good game. Even though we had to suffer through Dial up, and lightning storms, sleeping in the car and risking Motel


6, i was happy, because i could always drift back into my mind, using these games, violent as they were, to unwind, because they contained alternate worlds,


worlds of wonder, worlds where reality did not mean anything, and People want to go right back to an era that is best forgotten because of the hell that the nazis


created. The Next DLC will be playing as Joseph Mengel, experimenting on babies, or playing as a nazi, using Jewish babies for target practice.


The COD community is barely that. Go ahead, insult the newbie, berate him for not knowing how to play. and then taunt him with the words "go kill yourself".


I read about Markiplier (a well known and funny youtuber who i look up to) who's friend Danial was found dead. I weep for those that have to suffer the cruel


words that i see each day youtube. "Kill yourself, no one will miss you" and other things that these people should be admonished for. Words cannot kill, but they


can hurt. I have attempted suicide twice due to bullying. It got so bad that i tried to lay down in the street so i could get run over, because i did not give a


SHIT anymore. And yet, the COD community sees fit to bully the same people because of their skill level, that when they ask for help, they are greeted with fag


and newbie. It...It needs to stop. Gamers? You people aren't Gamers. True Gamers help each other. I hope you realize that you are making the world worse, not


better. And markiplier, My prayers are with you (His daughter died in a car crash last year). Seriously, You aren't gamers. Gaming used to be fun, now it's hell for


new gamers.


And for the love of god, get rid of the usage of "Casual" like its an insult. I'm casual and proud of it, so bite my proud white ass!

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