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So for the last couple of years ive been working on a multi-system game based on daleks shooting you out of space called

mission to the unknown

http://sourceforge.com/projects/missiontotheunk(use build 13 for the best version to date, builds 14 and 15 have some unsolved bugs.. 13 is the most stable to date.)


What i want to do is make an atari 8 bit version for vbxe equiped machines.. the original mission to the unknown was made in unity.. and i want to do a simular styled game for the atari.. be it top down or 3d perspective like this..

Positions needed to be filled or things i need help with from people here in the forums; (if you would like to help please message on here or email me directly on here.




Plot/gameplay development (to help develop concepts for the plot and gameplay)

Assistant Programmer (please have experience coding for atari 8bits)

Graphics Editor and coder (help develop the engine needed to create a 3d starfield and objects (sprites) in this 3d starfield and help program player missle/player collisions

Music Director (doctor who theme, music for while the game is playing.. tracker experience and integrating it into the source code preferred)

Beta Testing /Quality Assurance (to help test the game.)

Marketing/Advertising (to help spread the word of the game in other forums, website and on irc, and the media)


also i have another game called ghosts of quabbin i would like to make an atari version of..http://sourceforge.com/projects/ghostsofquabbin but lets get the ball rolling on this



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That sounds great. Daleks and Cybermen, and more have always been a part, but now (at least this series), they are gone. :(

Vastra (sp?) , gone, and I assume Strax (funny little potato) as well. I'm not against a female Doctor, but I AM against the BBC's radicalism. They never thought she would lose.


Sorry for the mini rant, the game sounds great, but the new series sounds awful to me.


It remains to be seen.


Good luck with the the game. The concept is Awesome!


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So basically what i want to achieve, is a 3d like space where you can fly around and shoot down daleks before the daleks shoot you down, also want to add space stations and planets.. and we will get more into that as the plotline fleshes out.. ill need help with graphics and programming... so whomever wants to help out on this project.. please post in here.. and any ideas.... take a look at the pc version of the game in the O.P. and lets start working from there.. i have already begun working on the intro animations... and starting to expiriment with creating a 3d starfield such as with star raiders.. and then we need to figure out how to place sprintes in this 3d starfield.. and planets and space stations.. and start working on the code of the player collisions etc. etc.

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Posted Today, 10:57 AM

Yes and i got stalled for a little while i was working more on the pc side.. and now that i finally got my atari with VBXE installed i want to start developing the atari vbxe version also a version for non vbxe machines...

so if anyone wants to help im very excited to get working on it.. one of the first things i need is the doctor who theme in mod format.. does someone want to start working on that.. and it will be used in the title screen and animations which is what im working on today.. and this why i need tipconv.jar.. im making the 8 BIT Animation frames in cinema4d and outputing them as 8 bit bmps and then i want to use tipconv to make animations for the 8 bit out of them.. and these will be integrated into the game. which we will get to that bridge hopefully sooner then later.

Does anyone have a copy of tipconv.jar.. i need it to start making the animations for daleks of skaro....


Much thanks


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i will be releasing pc, mac and linux builds of mission to the unknown tonight.. I will also be editing the original post to include the test animations and a clearer outline of what i want to achieve with this and what help i need from people here on the forums...

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now how would i incorporate these animations into say either a basic program or asm... how would i get these animations to load and then after pressing a key to start go on to the game...


The Tip Animator is programmed in such a way, that it creates animations which use the full memory available (switch off OS, leave no space for other programs) and it loops the animation and does not continue loading when pressing a key...


I guess that modifying the TIP animation (XEX) to load another ML file (game) or a Basic file when pressing a key will not be easy...

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no i want to write a basic or ml program that loads the xex and then when the xex finishes drops back control to the basic or ml program.. i wonder if theres a way to make the xex not loop?


Even if you find a way to load the tip animation from Basic or ML, as said before, the animation uses the full memory and will wipe out your Basic or ML program... meaning, as soon as the animation has loaded, your Basic or ML program is gone. But maybe the good hackers, errm, programmers can find a way to patch the animation and add some code to the XEX, so that another program is loaded, when a key has been pressed, but the patch and code to do so will not be easy.

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awesome!!! im starting to do alot of the pre-work needed to animate the intro scenes... your flying for the space/solar system security force (sara kingdoms employers) and daleks are attacking you.. the main programming for the main module of the game is done.. i will be adding more as time goes on.. and as more plot gets written.

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I will be making a monday.com task sheet for this.. and if anyone wants to join the project please email me at atariancomputers@gmail.com and i will add you to the project and i will be distributing the source files from there....

i made an alpha version for facebook gameroom, PC, Linux and MAC if anyone has any unity skills please get back at me


we need intro videos and we need some help developing the plot.. and i also need someone really good at 3d modeling and UNITY to help get this off the ground more its alot of work for just me to do.. ill be doing a lot today.. and il lpost the updates today

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i want to also port over a version for the atari 8 bit and 16 bit machines and if someone wants to take over that portion of the project while i work on the main pc/mac/linux fork of the project and we will co-ordinate all forks...


however the challenge will be porting over versions that will be simular in look style and feel and within the limitations of each platform...

also i want to do a version of ghosts of quabbin for all these platforms as well but lets do one thing at a time

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I am creating at task board at http://csmp3.monday.comand if you want to be added as a team member email me at atariancomputers@gmail.com and we will begin development on the next phase of the game..

as current i need:


a.) Co-ordinator

b.) artist / coder

c.) musician

d.) someone who is really good at porting c# code to an 8bit based programmign language

e.) some one who is really good at coming up with good plot points


now for mission to the unknown these are daleks so this is going to be a dr. who based game

and ghosts of quabbin is going to be based off this h.p lovecraft short story for the plot



email me at atariancomputers@gmail.com

and put GAME DEVELOPMENT in the subject


thank you


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Nice. I've done a lot of Doctor Who art - my intention at one point was to animate all the lost episodes from the 60s. That included The Daleks' Master Plan with Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom!



I would love your help with mission to the unknown.. at least the intro animations.. and development of the plot line.. if u want to help please send me your email address to atariancomputers@gmail.com

and thanks very much gilbert!! im a big fan of your animations.. id love to see daleks masterplan and evil of the daleks redone..

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There are versions of C for the Atari, but from scratch in ML might be best...

I may be a huge proponent of ML on 6502 myself, but given the scope of the Grandiose Vision that possessed him, he needs something that can be used to prototype quickly.


Something like Mad Pascal, where he can flesh out quick prototypes that no Unity can come close to.


It's OK if it initially runs at 0.1 fps, as long as it handles all high-level features. Then, one can start supplying fast drawing routines in ASM, as Mad Pascal is great for inlined ASM. This way, it will always run, and as long as ASM coder is willing to burn his time, a faster framerate will be mere blessing.


To give some perspective, I've been coding in pure assembler on an Atari nonstop for last 4 months, but still don't see myself recommend using it in this case. Who in their right mind would sign up for this madness ?

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