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Stardew Valley

Rick Dangerous

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Has any picked this up yet? I am waiting for a physical release but definitely will if and when that happens. I loved the original Harvest Moon on SNES, and N64, and even played the Wii ones a bit.


My question: Why were these guys trying to out harvest moon harvest moon? Have the games gotten that bad? It this a take on the original 16 bit game? Just curious why this game was necessary given they are still making harvest moon games. Granted i've heard its very good!


Thanks, and looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks about this one.

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I bought Stardew Valley back when it was first on PC.


I've bought it again for the PS4 and Switch (digitally). It's a great game and an excellent time waster. Granted, I have a hard time pushing through the second year as it starts to feel more like chores than fun or interesting... ANYWAYS! I'd say it's a strong throwback to Harvest Moon while including some newer elements and upgrades. I'd love to compare, but I've only played "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life" on the GameCube. Thus I can't really compare them.


The problem with Harvest Moon is that the actual name is owned by a different group than the main one who works on it. The more official Harvest Moon games are now called "Story of Seasons". My understanding is that any more recent game with the name "Harvest Moon" should not be played.

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