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Nintendo Switch Online’s NES emulator already hacked to allow more games


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I too have a zillion and one ways to play NES games (and have since the days of Nesticle) but I like this service specifically because I can play two player games with a friend without the friend being here. You can also "pass" the controller to a friend while playing a single player title. This is where the service shines. I will be playing NES games with friends often using this feature. That is great! I won't be hacking it and risking a ban that would lose that feature over trying to play some NES roms...just dumb.

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IMO, this is like buying a Tesla, slapping some blades on the bottom, and thinking you're a genius for turning it into a lawnmower. The hackers are missing the point, completely. I get that "because we can" is their way of life, but I think we established 15 years ago that any device with a power cord could play nes games, if you tweaked it long enough.

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