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Win a Shaken, not stirred cart


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Still waiting for the boxes from the printer company. And a few bits from Turbo Laser Lynx. But the rest of the stuff is done. Using bamboo means that the every cart looks a bit different. But the first impression is that wood is stronger than printed brittle plastics. It is going to be interesting to see if this design could be the way to go for "White Lynx productions".



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Status update...


I did fix a lot of inconsistencies on the binary for eJagfest. The tutorial is also improved a bit. Changing lanes is now faster. It was a bit sluggish on the real Lynx.


In order to show a little quality I bought a McWill mod to a Lynx I. Unfortunately the DC input socket middle pin broke (once again). This is one of the most common problems on Lynx I. I should search ebay for replacement sockets. In any case I soldered a wire there instead and superglued the invention to the PCB. It should work for two weeks at least. But now I have 5V. Time to start soldering in the new LCD.

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That looks awesome! The poker chips really add to the whole package as well :D



I hope the chips make playing more fun. The white chip is just a marker. It has the word LIE on one side and BOMB on the other. The rest of the chips are for memorizing the disarm code.

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I also got the post costs covered now. The packed "Shaken, not stirred" box weigh 133g. This is mainly due to the ceramic poker chips. So the price of shipping is;


Europe €4.60
World €6.50


I was kind of hoping to squeeze the cart including postage to €29.90. In this way I win a few cents on European orders and lose a bit on outside orders. All shipments will be Economy. The Priority cost is ridiculous. I will add some paper to pad the stuff inside the box. But no plastics. This is a 007 way of saving the planet.




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I must say the box company did a very good job. I told them that I want to transport the boxes on the plane/train in a compact box and fold them at eJagfest. So Will re-designed the "Shaken, not stirred" box to be assembled with no glue or tape. It is still strong. I asked him to save the stencils in case I make a new game in 2019. If there are extra boxes I could even just glue a printed A4 on top of the box and fold it. A nice way of doing quality custom boxes for homebrew masterpieces ;)

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yesterday I noticed that the Lynx II is much more forgiving to variations in card thickness than a Lynx I. My problem has been to get an accurate CNC drill for creating uniform thickness and adjusting it to sub-mm accuracy. A friend of mine showed me a wonderful tool for getting the required accuracy. Voila:




Should I get a patent for it? Easy adjustment of the bed with paper thickness resolution icon_smile.gif Works like a dream.

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