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Odyssey 4?


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Upon checking the details of the non-disclosure agreement, it looks fairly standard to me. I've seen pretty much the same clauses and wordings still in 2020/21 as they used in 1983. Whether they were particularly careful about that after the Magnavox - Mattel case was settled in July 1982 -- perhaps?


The Magnavox - Mattel case is summarized here: https://videogamelaw.allard.ubc.ca/2014/08/01/the-evolution-of-gaming-magnavox-v-mattel/


Jon Festinger suggests that after the case, Mattel lost their interest in the industry and that Atari together with Magnavox brought the video games industry to the crash. That probably are quite a bunch of simplificiations of what really happened. Regarding Mattel, they went into a settlement with the FTC regarding the never released Keyboard Component which finally was cancelled in August 1982, followed by the LUCKI a.k.a. ECS was showcased at CES in January 1983, which also was when the Odyssey^3 was introduced.


As one can see from the scanned docs for the March 1983 meeting, Mattel were definitely still in the industry with Intellivision II, III and a future 1984-85 (IV) system by the time of the meeting, so if they lost their motivation, it didn't happen directly from the court.

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