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atari2600land's Blog - Room of Doom - October 20, 2018 update


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So today's waking hours were spent getting the collision detection in the game for the guy's bullet. Oh, he now can shoot and move around in four directions in case you don't frequent the Odyssey 2 part of the AtariAge forum. But when all men were shot it was supposed to get all new men to shoot, but it kept wanting to freeze and glitch out when I put the code in to do that. But finally I got that solved. I still don't know why it happened, I guess it was due to the stupid page limitations.

You still can't shoot the green alien yet. I got the score working. I suppose I should change it to 2 points per guy shot and 1 for the green alien shot. I should play the game again to see about scoring.

I got an X-Box game in the mail today. It works fine. But I am puzzled as to how it saved my profile with no memory stick-type thing. The Dreamcast needs one. The Gamecube needs one, the PS2 needs one. :? Also, it doesn't have the unique color-changing X-box disc center like the other one does. Hmm. Oh well. The main thing is that I learned the stupid thing hates Namco Museum for some reason. Which is sad because I want it.

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