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atari2600land's Blog - Room of Doom - cancelled


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So apparently I was trying to cram in too much for the poor Odyssey 2 can handle and it gave me flickering walls at the top of the screen. It does that when it's not happy. I tried moving the walls down, but this didn't help. So instead of continuing work on a crappy game where the walls flicker when the alien gets hit, I've decided to just give up. Which is sad because I was actually enjoying working on this.

I guess this gives me more time to work on some of my other projects like Castle of Doom. I'm guessing if the Odyssey 2 can't handle a game this complex then certainly the Channel F can't either. I want to release Killer Heads of Lettuce at some pont next year. So anyway, that's what I've been doing yesterday and this morning.

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