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son's Switch crashing all the time- any ideas?


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I didn't see this posted when i searched, so my apologies if this has already been beat to death.


My son just got a Nintendo Switch from his biodad for his birthday that was purchased in the 'last week or so'. Whenever my son powers it on and tries to play a game/adjust settings, it immediately crashes with the 'press power for 5 seconds to reboot' message, it reboots, goes to the home screen, then promptly does it again when he tries to do anything on the menus.


has anyone run into this before- and if so, how to fix? we already tried the 'hard reset without deleting data' but it didn't fix the issue. if i can resolve it without involving Nintendo or Amazon, i'd be fine with that- lol


Thanks in advance!

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that's what i think we're going to do- I had really good experiences with them with a couple of 3DS and 2DS units. It looks like a neat piece of kit, but this one doesn't seem to be the most reliable, lol.


i'm fairly certain it was purchased new, but i'll have to ask his biodad.



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I'd try and hard reset doing the total reset to factory default and see what happens. Then call NOA.

If this guy gave him this, did it come all in the original box and look all factory sealed when it was opened up? I'd be suspicious of a second hand one someone turned in they broke and some dumb shop just didn't bother to check it and turned it right back around to sell it. It would be very very into the realm of the weird a Switch doing that out of the box, but anything is possible.

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Yeah, I have never had that and we have two Switch units in the house for nearly a year. Try the factory reset as suggested. If that does not immediately resolve it call Nintendo. Might be overheating or something...who knows. Nintendo is very good regarding customer service in my past experiences.

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I was just going to say exchange it. Though I don't know if it's new or used. Definitely defective though.


Could be a firmware got screwed on download, so you could try redownloading the latest available one, if it will work that far.


Sorry it's messed up, tablets are pretty reliable, so it's either a factory defect (they happen) or if used, the previous owner likely due something to it.

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