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atari2600land's Blog - Frank on Pokemon Mini again


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I've decided to return to working on Frank the Fruit Fly for the Pokemon Mini. No reason, really this time, besides looking for something to do. I read somewhere that once the ROM size reaches 64k I have to do something different to it. Right now, the ROM is only 17k, but I want to make this be a full-fledged adventure game like SMB or something with hidden stuff and solving puzzles and stuff. All the released Pokemon Mini games are 4MB, so that's what I want to do unless I can't figure out how to make it be that big.

I added a banana to the game. Frank can now eat it. Each bite gains 2 health points. But he can only eat 4 bites' worth. This is after the spider web screen. Each screen I put in if it's graphically different only makes the game 1KB bigger, so that's good. I can put in a whole bunch of different screen types and changes I guess.

I have decided to stop the Pokemon Party Mini 2 game I have been working on since I don't want a C&D order from Nintendo. I don't think they care if people program games for the Pokemon Mini, they would care if I used the Pokemon characters in it, which was what I was doing. So I've decided to go with something completely original for it. And I am making a Player's Guide for the game as well. I figure it'd be better that I do it since I know everything about it since I'm the one programming it. I can't wait for that Pokemon Mini flash drive to be finished. It keeps getting problems with it, but at least they attempted a cartridge for it now.

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