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Switched on POKEY - S.O.P. Track 2 - Air On A G String


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I wanted to set track 2 up as a duo between the Atari 800 and a friend with a Cello. Pairing the Atari with the Yamaha TG-33 ended up being the easier option. Besides, it was also easier to use the effects processor in the mixer then renting a cathedral. Maybe that friend would have called back if I had left him a voice message.

Music File origin: AIRFOR.MUS
- Deleted Voice 3
- Deleted measures after 25
- increased duration of notes in Voice 4
saved as: AIRONG.MUS
Control Computer: 130XE
Sequencer Software: MIDI Music System by Lee Actor
Sound Source:
Yamaha TG-33 Patch P1-23 SP*Omni
Atari 800
MIDI in: Arduino Software: MonoSyn_1voice. ino
Monitor output to mixer
Software: ATARI01A.OBJ - MMG compiled Atari BASIC program
Mixer: Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX
Mic One input - Atari 800 monitor port
Mic Two input - Yamaha TG-33 Port 1 mono
FX : 63 - Warm Chorus 2
Recorder: PC - Audacity 2.1.2
File: Air On A G String.aup

MMS files

Photo of Mixer

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