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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - Freeway (Activision)


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Hmmm, I don’t like Freeway; I feel that it is too simple for its own good. In Freeway you are a chicken who must cross the road for no discernible reason, its ten lanes of traffic and you’ve gotta cross all of them. My main problem with this game is how simply boring it gets, you can only go up, there is no moving around like in Frogger you are stuck on a single straight line. There is also a second player but you are not likely to get somebody to play a quick game of Freeway with you. This game has no lives and you can’t get run over by one of those chicken sized cars. If you get hit by a car you get pushed back a little bit, which is infinitely disappointing. The graphics are very basic, yet technically impressive, the simple fact that the programmer managed to get 10+ cars moving on-screen without any visible flicker is a technical marvel (something Activision were very good at accomplishing on a regular basis). People who’ve read my ‘Official Frogger by Sega’ review already know that I’m not a big fan of Frogger and Freeway, to me, is like Frogger but worse. You can say it’s for kids, but I think that even kids will get tired of this one after a short while. The only thing that I think is truly worth praising are the honking sound effects, they sound like actual car horns which really confused me when I first played the game. If you already don’t have Freeway, despite the fact it’s one of the most common of Activision’s games, it’s fairly cheap on Ebay 7-10$ but I still wouldn’t recommend you buy it, perhaps only to round off your collection but for nothing else.

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