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There was an angry-looking yellowjacket caught between the sliding glass doors and couldn't get out. I tried to help him but he was too stupid to figure it out. So he's probably still stuck in there. But it gave me an idea for a screen for Frank the Fruit Fly.

Frank's next obstacle is a beehive. Now he must pass it without getting stung by a bee. The bees are chasing Frank and want to sting him, but thankfully they don't move very fast. I was able to figure out how to make the game start on the screen that I am currently working on. So that is what I'm doing. And when I get done with a screen, I'll play it from the beginning to make sure it works okay.

Right now, Frank can't get stung by a bee, I will work on the bee collision detection tomorrow. Right now the ROM is 18.5k, so I'll need to add a whole lot of screens to make the ROM get past 64k. I am wanting the game to be 512 KB, so it is in line with all the other released Pokemon Mini games. I downloaded one and it says it's 512 KB. And since they're all the same size and I want mine to be the same size, that's what I'm aiming for.

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