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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - Enduro (Activision)


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Of all of Activision’s 2600 games I feel that Enduro is probably one of their best. There were very few games of this style released on 2600; you had Pole Position, Fatal Run, Night Driver (debatably), and Enduro, and the only one out of those four that I actually enjoy is Enduro. Unlike most Activision ‘Avoid-it’ games, in Enduro your goal is not to set a best time, your goal is to drive past a set amount of cars over a period of time, and if you do you continue the game. Graphically this game is stunning on a surface and technical level, of course you have that classic Activision sunset on the horizon, but that’s not the main visual draw. The thing that will amaze you is the day/night cycle with different weather effects like snow and fog thrown in. These weather effects actually affect the handling of your car or your visibility, which is a nice touch. If anything this reminds me of another Activision title that I really need to look at ‘Robot Tank’ which shares the day/night and weather. Gameplay-wise this game handles very similarly to Grand Prix where the slower you move the slower the handling is which introduces a risk/reward element to the gameplay, do you go slower and rely on being able to see what’s coming? Or do you go full speed and just hope your reaction time is up to snuff? I usually for the latter, only using the former on the snowy bit where your handling is impaired. Overall this is a fantastic game and I would strongly recommend you go out there right now and pick up a copy; copies on Ebay are less than ten bucks so I don’t see the downside to getting it. I would recommend against trying to get a copy in the box since people like to price it for much more than it’s worth, if you find a boxed copy for 15$ I would recommend you snap it up.

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